Retirement Planning Specialists

Who we are and what we do

Welcome to RetireInvest Ballarat. Since November 1992 our locally owned financial planning practice has been providing professional, fee-based advice to the people of Ballarat and surrounding areas, guiding hundreds of clients over this time through the financial maze of pre-retirement and into an enjoyable and rewarding retirement lifestyle. We work together with our clients, listening carefully to their needs and customising our advice to fit with their personal circumstances and financial objectives. We aim to ensure their financial plans are well suited to their lifestyles, both now and into the future. Some of the ways in which we help our clients include:

  • Pre-retirement planning strategies to minimise their tax and maximise opportunities for their future.
  • Retirement planning strategies which maximise Centrelink benefits, where available, and help them to achieve the retirement lifestyle they have worked for.
  • Regularly and thoroughly reviewing their personal and financial circumstances.
  • Ensuring their estate plans are in place and well suited to their needs.
  • Assisting with other programs such Centrelink Assistance, Executor Assistance and Aged Care services.

Who you are and what you want

As a prospective RetireInvest client, you may be at the pre-retirement stage, looking to minimise your tax and maximise your retirement savings. Or, you may be retirees excited about your retirement years with all the benefits and pleasures this stage of life can bring. You are our ideal client if you want:

  • an adviser you can trust to provide you with high quality advice
  • to develop a long-term, ongoing relationship to ensure that your financial and lifestyle goals are achieved
  • someone on your side to steer you clear of hasty decisions and to inform you of opportunities which may benefit you

What we can achieve together

Acting together we can achieve a great deal. We can establish your financial foundation, we can help you to adapt to your changing circumstances and develop your investments and strategies accordingly. We can make sure you protect yourself and everything you’ve worked hard for and we can show you how to enjoy it all along the way. Together we can create, protect, grow and enjoy.